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Boiler systems use hot water to heat homes. This is in contrast to furnace systems, which use warm air. Boiler systems are also commonly called hydronic heating systems.

The water is typically heated with the assistance of natural gas or oil. The hot water is distributed throughout the home via radiators, in-floor heating loops or similar.

Boiler systems can be more efficient than forced air systems as water is able to retain heat longer than air. They also tend to heat more evenly with fewer hot and cold pockets of air.

Additionally, without the forced air component, they tend to be quieter and less prone to dust.

Boiler Installation and Repair

A site visit is necessary to see what would be involved in installing a new boiler system in your home. Contact us to arrange a time.

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Few things are worse than when your furnace breaks down during a winter storm or your air conditioning quits in the middle of a heat wave.

With high quality home heating and air conditioning products—and regular maintenance—you can relax knowing that your home’s critical systems will continue to operate reliably.

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