Hot Water Tanks for Homeowners in Edmonton and Area


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Install, replace or repair your home’s hot water tank. We provide hot water tank services to homeowners in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Hot water tanks store and heat water until it’s needed for washing, bathing, cooking or other purposes.

This is in contrast to tankless water heaters, where water is heated on demand.

There are two main types of hot water tanks: standard and power vented.

Both types are eligible for our seasonal maintenance program. Call us for more information

Standard Hot Water Tanks

Standard hot water tanks heat hot water with a burner that’s located at the bottom of the tank.

All hot water tanks must be vented to allow the release of carbon dioxide outside the home via a chimney. Standard hot water tanks achieve this venting using the “buoyancy” method.

Standard hot water tanks tend to be less energy efficient than other water heating methods.

We offer our customers a choice of 40 gallon or 50 gallon standard hot water tanks. Your choice will depend upon how much hot water you (and your family) tend to use.

Power Vented Hot Water Tanks

Power vented hot water tanks operate similarly to standard hot water tanks. However, these tanks use a venting motor to properly exhaust gases instead of the “buoyancy” method.

These tanks are more energy efficient than standard hot water tank systems.

We offer our customers a choice of 40 gallon or 50 gallon power vented hot water tanks. Again, your choice will depend upon how much hot water you (and your family) use.

Call us for more information on our home hot water tanks. Ask us about our seasonal maintenance program!



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