Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRV Systems)


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Today’s homes are so well insulated that they trap humidity, pollutants and stale air indoors. In fact, it’s estimated that over 50% of homes show visible signs of humidity!

Fortunately, HRV heat recovery ventilation systems allow you to breathe fresh air in your home without incurring the cost of continually heating cold outdoor air.

Heat Recovery for Greater Energy Efficiency

HRVs work by transferring heat from warm outgoing air to fresh incoming air, without mixing the two. The two streams of air pass by each other within the core of the system, which is where the heat is exchanged.

Because you’re recovering heat from previously heated air, your system is much more energy efficient. This makes them particularly suited to well-sealed homes in cold climates.

These systems also alleviate humidity issues by continually circulating fresh air throughout the home.

HRV systems are eligible for our seasonal maintenance program. Contact us for more details.

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