Smart Thermostats for Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Smart thermostats are an increasingly popular choice for home comfort. They work with a network of sensors to monitor and optimize humidity and temperature in your home. They also adjust compressor and fan speeds in real time to give you the most comfortable and efficient operation as possible.

In addition to smart thermostats, we also carry and support digital and non-programmable thermostat controls.

Smart Thermostat Controls

At Night”n”Day, we sell, install and support the Nexia brand of smart thermostats. If you choose to install the entire Nexia system, you can remotely monitor and control hundreds of devices in your home, such as lights, locks and even your garage door. With the Nexia app or with an Amazon Alexa enabled device, you can control them from virtually anywhere.

You’ll particularly appreciate the intuitive, seven-inch colour touchscreen control with built-in Nexia Bridge. This system combines zone by zone control with a smart home hub that makes your home "Smart Home Ready."

With this system, you can program up to four schedules a day, seven days a week.

Smart Diagnostics

Monitor your HVAC system in real time with Nexia diagnostics! If you give us permission, we can remotely monitor how your heating and air conditioning system is performing. The system can also automatically alert Night”n”Day if it detects an issue.

Smart System Requirements

Connection to your Nexia system requires a monthly subscription, internet service, and connection to Nexia.

Nexia Remote Climate Access is included with the purchase of a connected control.

Programmable Digital Thermostats

Not yet ready for a smart thermostat? We also carry digital programmable controls.

Non-Programmable Thermostats

Our “essential” thermostats are non-programmable and easy to use.

Our smart thermostats qualify for our seasonal maintenance program. We also provide thermostat support and replacement as part of our HVAC services.

Do you want to enjoy the savings and convenience of smart thermostats? Contact us. Ask us about our seasonal maintenance program!


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