UV Light Home Air Purification Systems

We install, repair and maintain UV light home air purification systems in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

UV light home air purification systems are used to remove airborne germs, bacteria and mold from household air as well as home heating and cooling systems.

These systems use ultraviolet lights to kill unwanted spores, bacteria and viruses, instead of just trapping them. This is a proven method that has been used in hospitals and medical labs for years.

Our UV light home air purification systems qualify for our seasonal maintenance program. To learn more, contact us.

Object Purification

UV lights can be used to keeps objects like air conditioning coils free from mold buildup and eliminate associated mold odors.

They can also help improve your furnace’s energy efficiency

Whole Home Air Purification

When used as part of your home’s heating and/or cooling system, UV lights can provide air purification for your entire home.

They can eliminate airborne bacteria, neutralize odors and reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

The resulting improvements in air quality can alleviate allergic reactions, limit the spread of viruses and reduce respiratory issues.

You can also use UV lights in combination with media filters and HEPA filters.

Make Your Home an Oasis

Home purification systems help to purify the air you and your family breathe.

Get peace of mind in knowing that you’re protecting and supporting the health of your family.

Call us for more information about home UV light purification systems.  Ask us about our seasonal maintenance program!


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